Install/Restore Home Assistant Virtual Machine on Unraid

Step 1: Download the KVM/Proxmox (.qcow2) image.

Navigate to the install directory and run wget on the Home Assistant OS image.


Make sure to grab the latest OS from

Step 2: Unzip the .qcow2 image.

unxz haos_ova-10.3.qcow2.xz

Step 3: Click Add New VM.

Step 4: Configure VM.

settings: Name, Logical CPUs, Initial Memory, Primary vDisk location, USB Devices.

Ignore OS Install ISO field.
Select the .qcow image as the primary vDisk location.

Step 5: Create the VM.

Step 6: Open VM Console (VNC).
Wait for Home Assistant OS to boot and display IP Address.
Navigate to that IP address.

Step 7: Complete setup.
Configure new install.

— or —

Upload the backup file to restore the instance.

Last Updated on 10 months.