Principles that guide my smart home

Be useful. Your smart home should not get in your way; it should augment your habits via automation and provide additional control methods.

Be dumb enough. Controlling your home should not be dependent on any smart devices being available. Your home should be fully controllable via standard physical controls and enhanced by smart functionality.

Be reliable. Your smart home is like an appliance; household members expect it just to work. Be mindful of minimizing disruption as you integrate and experiment. 

Be local. Your privacy matters; additionally, your smart home should function regardless of whether a provider is experiencing an outage or closing for business.  

Be unified. Your smart home should be simple (as possible). Prioritize smart devices which integrate into existing platforms or implement open protocols. Navigating a dozen apps to control your home is a pain.

Be enjoyable. Whether you want to do something simple or you’re a hard-core tinkerer, your smart home should be fun…

Last Updated on 10 months.