Stream a RTSP (non-secure) video feed in Unifi Protect


Solution #1

As of May 2022:
Home>Protect>Unifi Devices>(select camera)>Settings>Advanced>(toggle which resolution you want)>and then you will get a link such as:
this link will need to be modified in three ways.

  1. remove the second s in rtsps
  2. change port from 7441 to 7447
  3. remove (?enableSrtp)

Open VLC>Media>Open Network Stream>(paste the NEW url in the box)>Play

I had trouble figuring this out. Hopefully someone finds it useful when searching this subreddit someday.

Solution #2

/u/Jestered2303 is correct but just to add on, here’s the relevant fix:

Web UI: Generate only RTSPS links for better security. (RTSP streams are still available by removing S from RTSPS and by changing port 7441 to 7447)

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Last Updated on 10 months.