Switchbot-BLE2MQTT-ESP32 Controller


Step 1: Download the project from Github

Download the project from GitHub to your desktop:


Step 2: Unzip the project

Unzip the project to a folder of your choice. Navigate to that folder.

Step 3: Open the Switchbot-BLE2MQTT-ESP32 project in PlatformIO

Open VS Code. Using the PlatformIO extension, open the Switchbot-BLE2MQTT-ESP32 project.

Step 4: Modify the file SwitchBot-BLE2MQTT-ESP32.cpp

Open the SwitchBot-BLE2MQTT-ESP32.cpp file and modify the Wifi, MQTT, and add your Switchbot devices to the configuration.


Step 5: Upload to the board

Under project tasks, open your board (Wemos D1 Mini) and click Upload to build and write the project to the board.

Step 6: Reboot

Unplug the board for a few seconds and the plug it back in.



Last Updated on 2 months.